Studio Grey

Studio Grey

Our awesome team is made up by Brandi Salvatore & David Gaston two of Denver's leading photographers. David specializes in weddings/corporate and Brandi in newborns/family portraiture. Together they each bring a diffrent creative balance to their senior portraits. With Davids charismatic personality and Brandi's creative detail they create a atmospher that is both welcoming and exciting.

How It All Started For Brandi: Daydreaming, Curiosity, (which didn't kill the cat like my mom always said) and the drive to make it happen. The love for photographing my own children soon grew into photographing others. I am a mom to three beautiful children, who amaze me each and everyday. Few people in life are fortunate enough to find that one thing that provides complete personal enjoyment. I have found this in photography and the love and support of my own family and those who have stood by my side threw all my crazy endeavors! My life would not be complete without it. I want my images to portray the love, innocence and gifts I see in all my subjects. Influenced by the love of my own family and the miracle I see in all of life's blessings.

How It All Started For David: Coming from a family of four, one sister and two brothers, I was about the age of twelve when I picked up my first polaroid camera. My love for chasing around everyone to capture their funny faces, became a passion when I got older (wait, I still do that)! My childhood enthusiasm for capturing moments soon evolved into my fun, quirky and high energy style of photography.

What We Believe: That nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough! You should always live like today is your last and never live with regrets. We get one shot at this crazy thing they call life and I want to know I did everything I always dreamed about when I was a child. Mistakes do not define us, we make mistakes to learn from them to lead us to our dreams! Laughter is by far the best medicine, OH and to always say Please and Thank you!

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